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Garden Rooms or Annexe

Wish to use that extra space in your garden for:

- A cosy and quiet space to relax and to contemplate
- A Home Office
- Gym or a guest bedroom
We have got an ideal solution for you.

We are offering a one-stop service that deals with the entire task including:

- Assessing your requirement and designing the optimal Garden Room
- Help with the required Planning Permissions

Cubehaus is a healthy, highly energy-efficient and sustainable modular cabins built with Passivhaus principles in mind far exceeding UK building regulations.


We have four carefully designed cabins that can be customised to be used as home office (ideal for Type 1), music studio, yoga studio, home business projects (such as catering), extra bed room or as a modern granny annexe to care for a relative or friend.

Why Cubehaus

Cubehaus was born out of a personal quest to create an affordable cabin with strong emphasis on healthy indoor air quality yet making it extremely energy-efficient and future proof. My daughter and I suffer from acute allergy problems. With my medical background, I strongly feel about the poor indoor air quality in most houses. Please see technical section for detailed information. We are one of the very few companies in England who can build to Passivhaus standards using high quality materials and components, yet making it affordable.

Our Cabins


Type 1

3 metre by 3 metre


Type 2

5 metre by 5 metre


Type 3

7 metre by 5 metre


Type 4

7 metre by 6 metre


Each type is designed to be modular and comes as a kit form to be erected on site with minimal disruption to the occupiers without the use of any heavy machinery.


standard house



Simple Energy

energy-efficient house

We are aware that the expectations of our clients may vary, and this is why, we offer a range of possible configurations of the shape of the building, its technical parameters, interior functions and exterior finishes.

Mobile : 00447877009353

Simple Passive

passive house

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